A HIS that's secure and easy to use

The next generation of cloud based HIS is here with an all-new solution for hospitals and clinics.
 It is intuitive, simple to deploy, secure and scalable at a fraction of the cost of traditional applications. 

Billing - Faster and accurate bills result in quicker discharges

myNapier helps increase operational and process efficiencies in billing while improving the cash flow.

  1. Efficient automated processes, give healthcare facilities the ability to manage the relevant claims submitted on time
  2. Decrease the time spent organizing billing and collecting payments. Efficient insurance claims handling process reduces overheads
  3. High-levels security and compliance with regulations, helps monitor revenue and reduce fraudulent transactions

Doctor Consultation - an EMR that allows more face time with patients

Configurable, incredibly easy for doctors to carry out consultation.

  1. Coherent longitudinal summary views giving clinicians a concise but complete information of a patient
  2. Provide easy access to critical information
  3. Single-screen view and management of daily or weekly tasks
  4. Configurable clinical templates and smart documentation capabilities
  5. Auto-saved favorites, and context-aware screens help clinicians save time
  6. Integrated care plans enhance the efficiency of clinical and process outcomes
  7. Improves doctor-patient relationship

OP Management – Delightful patient and doctor experience

Simplify complex outpatient scheduling for greater efficiency.

  1. Interoperability is a breeze with improved interdisciplinary communications
  2. Capacity for data interfaces and alerts, which enhances the effectiveness of nursing staff
  3. Doctor's calendar synched to patient scheduling chart, which ensures proper appointment scheduling
  4. Auto alerts and reminders to patients and doctors, which confirms the validity of appointments

IP Management – A real time dashboard for your entire operation

myNapier provides a hospital with a complete system covering all aspects of administrative and clinical activity across your hospital related to inpatient activity.

  1. Real time nurse dashboard without any timeouts, which keeps the user in sync with daily operations
  2. Facilitate paper-lite or paper free working
  3. Enables the care provider to share clinical and administrative documents
  4. Ease in bed management through a pictorial bed board representation
  5. Easily monitors patient flow from admission request to admission and finally to discharge
  6. Reduces delays in discharge by assigning all discharge responsibility to their respective groups